Broads House Lamb

Grass fed, home produced lamb
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Half Lamb Box

£7.50 per Kg

A box contains a selection of cuts from half an animal; including shoulder and leg joints, chops, rack and shanks

Order to your specification of cuts


This is the most cost effective way to buy lamb, as long as you have the freezer capacity


Average size 8 - 10Kg per box

From Our Farm to Your Plate


When we have an order for a whole lamb (made up of multiple customers if necessary) we select an animal which is mature and ready to go.



The animal is taken to a local abattoir, conforming to welfare standards.  The meat is hung for up to 10 days before being butchered into specified cuts.  


Packaging & Delivery

Each cut is packaged and individually labeled with details such as weight and date butchered.


Local collection and delivery is available.


We can also send orders nationwide with a 24hour courier service.  Your lamb will be carefully packaged in a box or pouch lined with Woolcool, a unique insulation made from sheep's wool which is guaranteed to keep the meat chilled in time of delivery.


Peace of mind

That you are eating a premium meat, which has been correctly produced for optimum flavour, with minimal miles travelled from our farm to your plate.

Individual Cuts

Your order can be as large or small as you require



Shoulder joints (bone in or rolled and boned)   7.50 or 8

Leg joints                                                                            9.00   

Rack of lamb                                                                     12.00

Loin chops                                                                          11.00

Leg steaks                                                                           10.00

Shanks                                                                                  9.00

Diced                                                                                     7.50

Minced                                                                                 7.50

Breast (boned and rolled)                                            8.50


Full animal for spit roast available on request

(collection or local delivery only)


This is not an exhaustive list, please contact us with your specific requirements. (all prices are per Kg)

This season lamb will be available from August 
(small amounts of last season, slow grown lamb is available now on request for local delivery/collection only)

Placing an order

The easiest way is to telephone Esther




If you're not sure what you would like, or have specific requirements why not drop us an email